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dia_icons's Journal

Random Icons!
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This is a place for those who would like to share their icons.
Hi, I'm aradiachiba. I have developed a love of icon making, but I'm too shy and don't think I'm good enough to join other communities. But I wanted to have a central place to put all the little 100X100 squares I created. Just on the off chance that someone might want to look at them and use them. And also so that I can find them again later. :)

And this is also open to anyone else who wants to have a place to post their stuff if they want.

As with other icon communities, if you post a lot of icons in a single post, put up a couple of samples, then the rest behind the cut. If there is something not work safe, put it behind a cut with a warning. If you post something wildly illegal that I might get in trouble for, I'll delete the entry, and depending on the severity, either give a warning or immediate ban.

That said, look, post, enjoy. :)

Oh, and if anyone needs the codes for the tables, I found it here:http://obsessivefangrl.livejournal.com/1624.html